Saturday, November 29, 2008

The First Gathering:SIT AND KNIT

Tonight was a momentous occasion, we had our first Sit and Knit at the church offices. It was so much fun. We had a great turn out of 12 gals, some great soup and many stitches knit. People took turns playing with Baby Yaya (my nickname for my youngest son).....At one point he was 'sans clothes' so his chubby-ness was a thing of beauty.

We met at Crosswater Church offices in the conference room. General consensus is that we should meet some where larger. We have a church with great facilities that is an option and then also the conference room of the City of Sultan. Downtown Sultan is a wild place, sort of tongue in cheek, so we're not sure we wanna be down there during party hours. Live and learn, it was a pleasure to use the church offices though. I long had drooled over that location for a cafe or whatever, it's a beautiful building. I really enjoyed having our gathering there partly for that reason.

So we will meet, Lord willing the last Saturday of the month like clockwork. I will possibly work in a midweek meeting as my schedule allows. I might concentrate more on that during the spring and summer. This way I don't have homeschool taking up most of my good braincells.

My sweet knitting compeer, Gretchen and my lovely mom, Bev were such a great help to me tonight. I would not have facilitated this without you Gretchen, if you are reading this. I know I would have chickened out. I love you.........Gretchen brought homemade/man-made thanksgiving turkey soup and a scrumptious pumpkin cake with creamcheese filling and ganache blankie sealing the entire cake. I cherished every bite.

Knitting that took place, in no particular order:
G: lovely basketweave scarf, in white/cream
C: knit a ipod cozy and then worked on her fantastic baby afghan chunky slate blue and espresso brown
M: learned to knit, great job!
B: left early, we hope to see her next time
L: started a wine colored scarf
L: worked on a lace scarf in turquoise after trying to cast socks on two circulars
S: worked on a cabled baby hat for Baby Yaya, that has turned out too small, will make another and sell this one on etsy.
K: started her tam for her nice man
C: worked and finished and ripped/frogged her hat and then finished it again. great job on that knifty knitter.
GB: held Baby Yaya a lot and started a basket weave scarf sort of while G talked her through it.

We were expecting close to twice the amount of people, I don't know where we would have put everyone, so it's sort of a blessing that we were the size we were. Please stay tuned for the new location, we will grow and we will Sit and Knit together.

I am posting one photo tonight and I'm gonna go play Tetris with my man and have a celebration ale in celebration of a dreamy knitting night with my womenfolk friends.
It was a proper knitting circle. The coffee was slammin' (so I heard) and the plum tea was divine. I bought Starbucks Christmas blend........I need to see if I can get it in decaf......I miss out a lot not having caffeine.

Anyways the photo is of Baby Yaya's hat. It's almost done. I had to rip/frog it tonight to add one more round of cable crossings. It needed one more before I finish it with a 7 point star. Oh and btw, notice it is another fine time of car knitting photographed here. I am particularly loving my new clover stitch markers. $6 for a bunch of rubbery markers in two colors and sizes. G uses them and I am stoked on this purchase. Also, I love knit picks, my mom just got $75 in gift certificates and bought the nickel plated interchangeable set, lucky girl. Have you purchased any knit picks yet? please buy their stuff, they have great customer service and replace faulty needles if that is ever your misfortune. Go buy them. They're made in India, so you know they're gonna be AWESOME.

Have you checked out the Podcasts to the right here on knitshanknit? You will love Mark Driscoll. You will learn about the bible and Jesus in a no nonsense way. I love it, I hope you do too. I think he's teaching about marital intimacy right now. Song of Solomon. Woohoo.

Time to go, thanks again to my partner in fiber crime: the giddy knitter: G xo

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Stitches...

Happy November people. Can you believe it's flipping November??? Time for shorter days and evenings of knitting. I try to finish my chores early and retire to the sofa after dinner when possible...right now I should be knitting instead of blogging..........and watching Top Model.

This little dandy is my Manos de Uroguay Dream Swatch...if you would like the pattern, please email me. It's no longer available on the net, but I swiped it and made it a pdf file, saving the original web page. It's a little tricky but quickly becomes mindless knitting heaven.
Entrelac knitting, in a word, loveliness . Please visit:
I have thoroughly enjoyed learning to knit entrelac. I am using washable fibers, Wool Ease and Vanna's Choice by Lion's Brand Yarn because I was making it for someone who needs wash ability. If you do choose to try entrelac, the tutorial on the knitty otter blog is invaluable. Pay attention to her tips page, they make all the difference. Then copy the pattern for the different stages on index cards. You can use paper clips like my knitting sister Gretchen, The Giddy Knitter, does. You slide the paper clips as you go, keep your place in the pattern easily. This is important because there is LOTS O PARTS to the sequences in the different tiers.

My cardigan, MY DREAM CARDIGAN-holla!!! Can I say holla? I'm gonna try. This is a natural undyed charcoal alpaca dreamland. The fiber stays happy whilst knitting, low ply splitting factor. Remember Pancakeandlulu on etsy and go get some. Custom order these fibers because she doesn't always have them listed in her items for sale. I have 3 inches knitted on the raglan. This view is of the front back and sleeve, all the parts of the neckline are set up and knit top down. To make it even more magic, because it's The Magic Raglan pattern, easily can work this sweater seamlessly 'in the round'. I am choosing to work it back and forth good ol knit and purl. I have knit this sweater in the round many times. I mark center front usually with a single purl stitch. This creates a steek. You cut your sweater into a cardigan by doing the unthinkable.....cutting the sweater up the steek. You can see sort of this happening on the mason dixon website This is probably my favority knitting blog.

Anyways, I love how my sweater is turning out. I am actually getting so much done on it. I was on another blog I love, I believe it's She has some sweaters on there that she is working on for herself. I was like I wanna get in on that action.
I will post more pictures soon........

Let's end with my perfect baby boy. I love him. He's hungry. I will feed him now. In this photo he is dashing in his mini sized magic raglan sweater. This sweater had a steek knit in with that single center purl stitch. I cut this sweater up the front, picked up button bands and then added a zipper. Love in a sweater, and my little love in a sweater.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Worldwide Knitting Peeps...A Warm Hello...Holy Moly 19 Countries...

This is my world map I've been coloring in when someone from a new country stops by knit.shan.knit...

I had been coloring in countries as people stopped by. I was using a great fushia pencil and lost it. I had to switch to orange. Some lovely person from Saudi Arabia stopped by today. Hi!

Welcome! I am so happy you are here...please say hello if you like. I just added a tracker and have had people from 19 countries visit my little blog. The tracker is on the right hand side of knit shan knit, so take a look...see if your country has been added!

The above picture is of my newest acquisition. I splurged big time and bought 24 oz of pure Alpaca wool from pancakeandlulu. I bought it from her etsy shop (just click on pancakeandlulu and it will take you there)...please go give her some business. It comes in MANY different colors and she will custom order it for you.

Three HUGE 8 oz hanks/'s "drop dead gorgeous!" like my son Eli said. I love this yarn and it knits like a dream. I started a raglan sweater the other night. Got the sweater set up on size 3 circulars. We're looking at 6.25 sts/in....I wonder how many thousands of stitches will comprise the finished sweater. I am making it a wider necked sweater, 9 inches across the back and front. I started knitting and then could not decide how I wanted to do the increases on the raglans. I took the stitches off the needle and will recast tomorrow. I will post pictures of this sweater as 'she' progresses.
Here's a little glimpse into my knitting stuff too. My satchell is very, very cluttery right now. The dark blue/grey yarn was a love gift from my friend Chris. I do believe it came from Germany. I want to knit a baby hat for my baby with it. The light blue/aqua yarn was from Ireland, my dear brother Ron bought that for me. It will be knit into baby shoes and a little stuffed animal. The green is Manos de'll see more of that project later. I have a pretty car knitting picture to post of it. I love knitting in my car.

The Magic Raglan Sweater pattern. This pattern can be googled. It's modular and I think the one that comes up on google has a calculator/formula for planning this sweater for any size person. I have knit it many times. I am doing a little something different with it this time. Making the collar really wide and making it the same in the front and back. It should be really pretty. I find that it's hard to plan a sweater like this, because there is stretch in the yarn both ways. I usually end up subtracting a inch or two because knit items stretch. I may knit this 2 inches a long, take it off the needles and try it on. Then start over. YIKES!!!! I think that is the only way that it will really fit.

The picture above is how it looks after you get the entire sweater set up on the needle. I made pretty little stitch markers out of glass beads. They are a little more bangle-y than I'm use to. I think I can get use to them being in the way, they are pretty and make a pretty sound when I knit.

The below picture is of some items I knit recently to felt. I have felted them. Please stay tuned for the finished projects. They were fun and fast to knit.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

back to knitting...

Hello, it's been a few months...I was busy procreating!!!
Our beautiful new son Ezra Aaron was born May 27, 2008.
I have picked up the needles again, it's been fun. I think these pics are from my first knitting after Ezra was born. Knitting whilst Kevin drives, again, one my favorite past times! I thought I would start a winter hat. I ended up taking it apart because it seemed too big...since then I started some knit felt projects. I will post pics soon. The problem is I have a new camera with a HUGE memory card. I am a digital photo junkie, so, getting to blog isn't so easy these days. With my new little bug in tow, my hands are full! I blog to you currently one handed.

This is a pic of Ezra from this I blog...he is growing a lot these days, so short meals and lots of naps in my arms. We all love our little brother. Here's Ezra the morning after he was born. He's wearing the little kimono and hat I knit for him.
...and matching alpaca socks

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ok, One MORE Knit Project. . .Before Baby Comes.......

Knitting on the beach yesterday with my Momma. I was 40 weeks pregnant and 3 I'm 4 days + 40 weeks.........We had a lot of fun besides my sore hips..... I am finally conquering the ginormous strap for my felted bag posted some time ago. I am doing a multi-colored horizonal striped band to make it a sash bag. I will add a flap and bottom to the bag before felting. I got two more colors done today when we went back to the lake for more swimming. I sat and knit.

Ok, so I have gotten so much more done than I thought I could before our new son arrives. Here is hopefully the LAST thing I'll make for him before he comes. I am starting a new pair of socks for him, so we'll see what happens........

I just finished these baby leg warmers for Ezra....see above photo :o) These were knit at the same time on a pair of 24 in circular needles. Size 3 nickel plated needles from Knit Picks (buy them, you'll love them!!!) I cast on 30 sts and worked k1p1 ribbing at the top and bottom. I increased 2 sts 3 or 4 times evenly as I knit the length of the leg warmer. The yarn is Wool Ease by Lion's Brand, 20% wool/80% acrylic....machine washable. Color "Violet".
These are not knit projects, but worthy of space on my knitting blog........handmade for sure!

Kevin and Ezra's quilt.......he had to hold it up for me because the picture wasn't turning out on the floor. The black and white below is the back of the quilt. I bought the fabric at IKEA. I think it was about $6 a yard. Great price for how nice the material is, the print is off the hook, too.
A changing pad I made out of the quilt fabric. It is actually even, not lopsided, but the camera was being persnickety. It has a backing of black fleece.

The little black round thing at the bottom of this picture IS MY PREGNANT BELLY, hahaaa......Ezra wanted to get in the shot!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

One last project before baby comes. . .

Here's a little knit hat for our baby Ezra. . .he'll be here any day. . .I made this hat out of a wool acrylic blend. I had to really work hard at learning/re-learning the 6 pointed star decrease at the top of the hat. I had to draw pictures to really get it figured out. This is a newborn hat. 54 sts worked on size 5 needles. I used my 12' circulars and then switched to double points to decrease. The inch+ of ribbing is K1 P1. The decrease is a little tricky but not impossible. I worked the decreases in K2tog so it would stick up a little. I will try to purl this decrease on a future hat to make it stick up even more.

Star decrease: if you want 6 points, make a hat with a number that has 6 as a factor. I do a lot of freeform knitting, so it's sort of like you write your pattern as you go. I always figure out my gauge, even if just to approximate it. I am usually really close. But gauge helps me have more freedom when I'm just winging it, if that makes sense.

So for example, I want a six pointed decrease.
Cast on 54 sts.

Knit 2/3 the body of the hat, ribbing included.

Start the decreasing rounds...
The first round will be a decrease at every 9th stitch. You have 54 sts, so there'll be 6 decreases.
The thing I had to draw a picture of: >>You want to knit 8th and 9th together<<. This ensures that you will end evenly at your stitch marker, at the beginning of the round. If you knit 8 and knit the 9th and 10th stitch together, then you will end unevenly.
Knit around
Decrease: knit every 8th stitch, meaning the 7th and 8th stitch together
Knit around
Decrease knit every 6th and 7th together
Knit around
Decrease, knit every 5th and 6th together
Knit around
Decrease, knit every 4th and 5th together. . .
and so on, until you are decreasing every other stitch........darn the yarn tail thru the stitches that are left after the K1, K2tog decrease round.

If you wanna talk more about this we can. It's pretty awesome to have it work out after messing it up a bunch of times. I was feeling really, really challenged. Now Ezra has a hat to match his little black newborn kimono. He's gonna be so dashing. I will post pictures of him soon. . .any day now! I am working on baby leg warmers and a new pair of socks for him. He's easy to knit for because he's teeny tiny. I may make a pair of shorts to go with the kimono and hat. I dunno. I would like to knit a pair of socks for each of our big boys.......we'll see.........I also still need to finish Sage's knit monkey. I did get some wool from a new friend to replace the icky polyester fill I stuffed it with (that's coming out all over the place through the stitches).

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Knit Tattoos

This is my favorite knitting tattoo that I've seen to date. When I can I am getting a version of this on my right arm half sleeve...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ezra's Blankie, Knitting and 36+ Weeks Pregnant. . .

Me knitting at 36 weeks with my pug, Pudge. I am working on a gift for a friend. It's coming along swimmingly and I will post pictures after I give it to her. I think she peruses my blog from time to time.

I finished Ezra's blankie. It turned out a really great size. I am working on smaller projects now, everything seems easy and fast now after this beast of a baby blanket. It's really cushy and warm. It will fit perfectly in Ezra's bed. It is knit on size 15 needles and made from Lion's Brand 'Thick and Quick' in Citron and Lemon Grass. The pattern is a k3 p3 basketweave stitch.

Kevin is modeling for my blog. You can see that the blankie is a really big baby blankie!
Dr. Seuss inspired booties. These were really quick to knit up. I had so much fun with the funky colored lamb's pride wool.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Spring!!!

Knitting in cars. Whilst husband drives. I feel a haiku coming on. Happiness.

My gift card I include with knitted favors. Sort of my logo.

Green alpaca mary janes.

The are the best socks I have ever, ever knitted. They are newborn baby sized.
Probably 4 inches tall. Oh, by the way, I knit these at the same time on two circular needles. That method is quite handy once you learn it. I will probably always knit my socks this way....I do love double points though. Especially Knit Picks harmony wood double points. Did you buy some yet?

I have posted pictures before of the green kimono sweater. I thought our baby, due in May, needed a sweater to wear right away. I took a picture of both the sweaters so you could get an idea of how tiny the charcoal colored sweater is.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Knitting Tattoos. . .

Two of my favorite things meet up in these photos. . .hopefully in the next year I will get my own knitting tattoo. I have a design planned for my right half sleeve piece. I love the cartoon character in the middle of this first collage.

I will knit for tattoos.
I probably will have to. What a delight.

Some Finished Stuff....

Ezra's cardigan, finished and beautiful. I had to trim out the zipper bands with flannel, it turned out ok. . .I think that I will be the only one to see the imperfections. With his beautiful face, I don't think I will even be able to see where I flubbed on the zipper band.
These are sweet little baby boots I knit awhile back. I am posting a new picture of them because I am almost positive that they'll fit our new baby.
Frog Tree Alpaca was DELIGHTFUL to knit into these itty bitty sockies.
These little orange cotton booties were made by Ezra's Grandma Bev.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Need A New Pattern? Wanna Knit 2 Socks on Two Circulars At The Same Time?

Check out for lots of things knitting, click on the name to go straight to their patterns page.
I was looking for an article on knitting two socks simultaneously on two circular needles. I found two sites (in a few seconds) I am linking to both in this post, just in case you're wanting to learn this AND you're on the library's waiting list for the cool book that's out on this method.

Here ya go:
Knitty's two sock/two circular pattern, cool pictures --->click here
Another site, bare bones technique that I'm using with my generic
sock pattern --->click here

After dinner tonight I am casting on a set of baby socks for Ezra. Black alpaca from
Frog Tree. It's super buttery. I will post photos soon of the progress I make.


Note: (after trying said 2 sock/circular method) It is tricky to get started. I had to stop by and see Teresa @ Country Yarns to have her help me. I had it casted on correctly, but then started knitting with the wrong needle. I would knit one of my needles completely out of the whole set up. It didn't help that I was working on it after midnight. Soon I will be painting my house that late at night because I'm 30+ wks preg. Anyways, if you do try this method, don't start until you're well rested. Give the project it's own zip bag or basket so you can set it down without loosing your sanity picking it back up. Once you get going, it doesn't feel like juggling jello, not unlike learning to knit with double point needles. From someone who has knit some socks, I feel like this is quicker than knitting on double points.

I do need to start another pair of infant socks to work out picking up the heel gussets. I have to do some research, but I think this has to be done in a different order than when you do it on double points (dp). I got the heel flap knitted and then derailed quite significantly, had to transfer one sock to some dp's for a bit, pick up gussets and then get everything organized on the circulars again. It was a little nuts, but, surprisingly I think that I got it done. I like a sock that is ribbed on the top and the foot, so decreasing the gussets makes this a little interesting.

Tonight I will cast on another pair of newborn socks, see how I need to do those gussets and report back.

By the way, I am using two sets of KnitPicks 24 inch circulars, size 3. I am happy and sad to say that I will not be buying Addi Turbo nickel plated circulars any longer. Addi cannot touch the price of the KnitPicks needles. The KnitPicks nickel plated and harmony wood needles that I also bought have an AMAZING point, sharper and long. This makes knitting easier. They are are half the price of Addi, if not cheaper. The cable/cord is fushia, so it's new and fancy, fun and colorful. The harmony needles are a treat, beautiful and I am hoping to buy the whole interchangeable set that they sell. My new friend Renee from the Knit Out @ Country Yarns let my mom and I try her interchangeable harmony wood needles and they are a dream. The transistion from cable to needle is smooth...... check it out. Take time to order some needles from them, be patient while they ship them to you, and then thank me because you're so happy with them (teehee)
The Dream Swatch Pattern

I thought I had lost it, email me if you would like a copy........
I cannot find this on the web any more....the site is no longer.
From what I understand this may be a little introduction to lace knitting? Feels lacey to me

I posted a picture of my Dream Swatch in progress. I am knitting it out of hand dyed cotton fingering weight yarn that I bought at Hilltop Yarn on Queen Anne. This pattern is PERFECT for that small amount of expensive yarn that you could only buy one itty bitty hank of.

Enjoy knitting this elegant item. . .

Sunday, March 2, 2008

It is March 2008. . .WOW!!!!!


It's been 10 months since I posted last. We've been busy and I've not been knitblogging like I should. I have been knitting like a madwoman though.

We launched out with a 'church plant' from our home church Cascade Community Church. Crosswater Community Church started up this summer in Sultan, WA. You can listen to podcasts of our sermons on iTunes.

We are expecting our 4th son in August.....we're due May 14th!!! He's growing like crazy and in about 10 weeks I will be able to adorn him with all his knit goodies. I may post pictures here of his layette, but he has his own blog: I am sewing a quilt and other things for him. His knit items will be here on this blog for sure.

So I put my needles to where my last blog was. I finished some stuff. I am still not stoked on finishing projects, but it does justify being able to start new projects and buy new I persevere in 'finishing' what I start. I have finished a bunch of projects because I am 7+ months pregnant and I'm knitting for our baby. I try to knit in the evenings, no late night cleaning for this woman this pregnancy. Felted Mary Janes, I renamed this pair of keen inspired baby shoes 'Mary Anns' after my grandma Mary Ann. I needed to felt the shoes a bit more, but I got impatient. They turned out really cute and I think they will fit well. I made these for my niece Isabella due March 13th....she'll be here soon, hallelujah! I included in the picture the packaging and gift card.....

Isabella Sophia's baby kimono, I love, love, love the baby kimono from The Mason Dixon Knitting Companion

I used brown wool my good friend Chris bought for me in Ireland. You cannot see the lovely variagated-ness of this brown wool. I added orange panels in the back section because I was winging the gauge. I am really glad I added them because it adds an amazing color work and actually works like a gusset.

See the little black snaps. I used a cool snap tool called The SnapSetter. The snaps were a little tight, but after sewing in numerous snaps by hand with mediocre results. I am really glad I bought the SnapSetter. It was under $15 at Pacific Fabrics for the start up kit and an extra pack of really cool black flat snaps.
Adorable little boot booties for my friend's baby's.....made from chunky wool, gorgeous espresso brown color. I am going to try to find some sort of slipper grip stuff for the bottom that is clear or ??? Email me if you have any suggestions.
Here are some newborn baby socks I made from a generic sock pattern. You can make it for any size foot. It takes a bit of time to make sure the sock is shaped correctly. I wrote down the pattern for this sock. I will post it someday, maybe next fall.......or sooner......... my new friend Teresa, the owner of Country Yarns in Snohomish folded one of the socks down. I think it looks cute that way.
A Nifty Knitter hat in wool easy chunky yarn. My oldest son Sage made this for his new brother due in May. He made an adult hat from the same yarn for his Daddy.
Ezra Aaron's newborn hat made from Darkhorse yarn. It's acrylic but very soft. I like natural fibers. . .animal or plant fiber.
Ezra's baby cardigan. I finished the button bands and cut the sweater up the front through the purl stitch I installed. I learned this technique from the Philosopher's Wool Company Fair Isle knitting video. (The DVD is The Original Two Handed Fair Isle and Other Stories)
I learned two handed knitting from this tape, too. I use the two handed knitting technique when knitting stripes, every time. This allows me to weave/knit in the new color and weave/knit out the old color. It's fun because it looks impressive/difficult. Once you learn to two hand knit, it's as easy as breathing. It's handy because you don't have to do any finish work where you changed colors. You just clip the end an inch long and then the magic of wool fiber occurs. The fibers become fabric as they marry. (Sounds so jolly) Click on the word Philosopher's Wool above and check it out for yourself.

So Ezra's button bands were pretty solid, but the right hand side started to come loose even after I went over it with a sewing machine stitch. I will post a picture of it when I have completed a fabric trip I am using to cover the imperfect button band join.

I cannot wait to see our little guy in this cardigan. So cute.

One other part of Ezra's layette is his basket weave afghan I am knitting for him. 96 stitches on size 15 circulars. I am almost half way done after last night's Knit Out at Country Yarns in Snohomish. This was the only project I worked on all night. I am hoping to finish this blanket before knitting on something else, but I don't know if I have that sort of will power.

So, I guess that's all for now. I will post again, before 10 months go by. I will be non existent after Ezra is born, basking in baby love. Oh I cannot wait!!!

Thanks for stopping by!