Monday, March 3, 2008

Need A New Pattern? Wanna Knit 2 Socks on Two Circulars At The Same Time?

Check out for lots of things knitting, click on the name to go straight to their patterns page.
I was looking for an article on knitting two socks simultaneously on two circular needles. I found two sites (in a few seconds) I am linking to both in this post, just in case you're wanting to learn this AND you're on the library's waiting list for the cool book that's out on this method.

Here ya go:
Knitty's two sock/two circular pattern, cool pictures --->click here
Another site, bare bones technique that I'm using with my generic
sock pattern --->click here

After dinner tonight I am casting on a set of baby socks for Ezra. Black alpaca from
Frog Tree. It's super buttery. I will post photos soon of the progress I make.


Note: (after trying said 2 sock/circular method) It is tricky to get started. I had to stop by and see Teresa @ Country Yarns to have her help me. I had it casted on correctly, but then started knitting with the wrong needle. I would knit one of my needles completely out of the whole set up. It didn't help that I was working on it after midnight. Soon I will be painting my house that late at night because I'm 30+ wks preg. Anyways, if you do try this method, don't start until you're well rested. Give the project it's own zip bag or basket so you can set it down without loosing your sanity picking it back up. Once you get going, it doesn't feel like juggling jello, not unlike learning to knit with double point needles. From someone who has knit some socks, I feel like this is quicker than knitting on double points.

I do need to start another pair of infant socks to work out picking up the heel gussets. I have to do some research, but I think this has to be done in a different order than when you do it on double points (dp). I got the heel flap knitted and then derailed quite significantly, had to transfer one sock to some dp's for a bit, pick up gussets and then get everything organized on the circulars again. It was a little nuts, but, surprisingly I think that I got it done. I like a sock that is ribbed on the top and the foot, so decreasing the gussets makes this a little interesting.

Tonight I will cast on another pair of newborn socks, see how I need to do those gussets and report back.

By the way, I am using two sets of KnitPicks 24 inch circulars, size 3. I am happy and sad to say that I will not be buying Addi Turbo nickel plated circulars any longer. Addi cannot touch the price of the KnitPicks needles. The KnitPicks nickel plated and harmony wood needles that I also bought have an AMAZING point, sharper and long. This makes knitting easier. They are are half the price of Addi, if not cheaper. The cable/cord is fushia, so it's new and fancy, fun and colorful. The harmony needles are a treat, beautiful and I am hoping to buy the whole interchangeable set that they sell. My new friend Renee from the Knit Out @ Country Yarns let my mom and I try her interchangeable harmony wood needles and they are a dream. The transistion from cable to needle is smooth...... check it out. Take time to order some needles from them, be patient while they ship them to you, and then thank me because you're so happy with them (teehee)

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