Wednesday, July 6, 2011

May I Introduce...Baby Junior

Here he is, Baby Junior.
A small version of one of my first amigurumi I made for our 3rd son.

He named his large ami bear 'Junior'......hence Baby Junior.
This little guy is a custom, repeat order from a good friend.
She bought a monkey amigurumi named Mon-Kee.

Trademark heart...I actually have to do a heart replacement
on Baby Junior's monkey brother Mon-Kee this weekend.
Baby Junior and Monkee will be so happy living at the same house.
Mon-Kee has had his heart loved off by my friend's darling little son.
He must have his monkey at night and rubs the heart to fall asleep.

Kill me with cuteness!

Here's a side sitting view...Clarence Giraffe also sits up well.
I think I have a good thing going with the body to leg attachment.
I love Baby Junior's posture! His tail is very cute too.

Front view with a scarf I whipped up...
he's a blue doll with chartreuse stripes.
Something orange had to be involved.

I had a lot of fun making Baby Junior.
His pattern is mostly written.
I would love for you to make one of my dolls for yourself.
I also do a lot of custom work.
Send me an email and we can scheme something up.
I can add you to my queue. xo

Bye for now :) Thanks for looking!