Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Worldwide Knitting Peeps...A Warm Hello...Holy Moly 19 Countries...

This is my world map I've been coloring in when someone from a new country stops by knit.shan.knit...

I had been coloring in countries as people stopped by. I was using a great fushia pencil and lost it. I had to switch to orange. Some lovely person from Saudi Arabia stopped by today. Hi!

Welcome! I am so happy you are here...please say hello if you like. I just added a tracker and have had people from 19 countries visit my little blog. The tracker is on the right hand side of knit shan knit, so take a look...see if your country has been added!

The above picture is of my newest acquisition. I splurged big time and bought 24 oz of pure Alpaca wool from pancakeandlulu. I bought it from her etsy shop (just click on pancakeandlulu and it will take you there)...please go give her some business. It comes in MANY different colors and she will custom order it for you.

Three HUGE 8 oz hanks/skeins.....it's "drop dead gorgeous!" like my son Eli said. I love this yarn and it knits like a dream. I started a raglan sweater the other night. Got the sweater set up on size 3 circulars. We're looking at 6.25 sts/in....I wonder how many thousands of stitches will comprise the finished sweater. I am making it a wider necked sweater, 9 inches across the back and front. I started knitting and then could not decide how I wanted to do the increases on the raglans. I took the stitches off the needle and will recast tomorrow. I will post pictures of this sweater as 'she' progresses.
Here's a little glimpse into my knitting stuff too. My satchell is very, very cluttery right now. The dark blue/grey yarn was a love gift from my friend Chris. I do believe it came from Germany. I want to knit a baby hat for my baby with it. The light blue/aqua yarn was from Ireland, my dear brother Ron bought that for me. It will be knit into baby shoes and a little stuffed animal. The green is Manos de Uruguay......you'll see more of that project later. I have a pretty car knitting picture to post of it. I love knitting in my car.

The Magic Raglan Sweater pattern. This pattern can be googled. It's modular and I think the one that comes up on google has a calculator/formula for planning this sweater for any size person. I have knit it many times. I am doing a little something different with it this time. Making the collar really wide and making it the same in the front and back. It should be really pretty. I find that it's hard to plan a sweater like this, because there is stretch in the yarn both ways. I usually end up subtracting a inch or two because knit items stretch. I may knit this 2 inches a long, take it off the needles and try it on. Then start over. YIKES!!!! I think that is the only way that it will really fit.

The picture above is how it looks after you get the entire sweater set up on the needle. I made pretty little stitch markers out of glass beads. They are a little more bangle-y than I'm use to. I think I can get use to them being in the way, they are pretty and make a pretty sound when I knit.

The below picture is of some items I knit recently to felt. I have felted them. Please stay tuned for the finished projects. They were fun and fast to knit.