Saturday, September 20, 2008

back to knitting...

Hello, it's been a few months...I was busy procreating!!!
Our beautiful new son Ezra Aaron was born May 27, 2008.
I have picked up the needles again, it's been fun. I think these pics are from my first knitting after Ezra was born. Knitting whilst Kevin drives, again, one my favorite past times! I thought I would start a winter hat. I ended up taking it apart because it seemed too big...since then I started some knit felt projects. I will post pics soon. The problem is I have a new camera with a HUGE memory card. I am a digital photo junkie, so, getting to blog isn't so easy these days. With my new little bug in tow, my hands are full! I blog to you currently one handed.

This is a pic of Ezra from this I blog...he is growing a lot these days, so short meals and lots of naps in my arms. We all love our little brother. Here's Ezra the morning after he was born. He's wearing the little kimono and hat I knit for him.
...and matching alpaca socks