Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Spring!!!

Knitting in cars. Whilst husband drives. I feel a haiku coming on. Happiness.

My gift card I include with knitted favors. Sort of my logo.

Green alpaca mary janes.

The are the best socks I have ever, ever knitted. They are newborn baby sized.
Probably 4 inches tall. Oh, by the way, I knit these at the same time on two circular needles. That method is quite handy once you learn it. I will probably always knit my socks this way....I do love double points though. Especially Knit Picks harmony wood double points. Did you buy some yet?

I have posted pictures before of the green kimono sweater. I thought our baby, due in May, needed a sweater to wear right away. I took a picture of both the sweaters so you could get an idea of how tiny the charcoal colored sweater is.

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Soakin' said...

Hi Shan,

Love your blog. I always check it for updates. Congrats on your pregnancy. My boys still remember your boys and your house. Check out my new blog http://soakinupeveryminute.blogspot.com/ Big HUGS to you my friend!!!