Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Stitches...

Happy November people. Can you believe it's flipping November??? Time for shorter days and evenings of knitting. I try to finish my chores early and retire to the sofa after dinner when possible...right now I should be knitting instead of blogging..........and watching Top Model.

This little dandy is my Manos de Uroguay Dream Swatch...if you would like the pattern, please email me. It's no longer available on the net, but I swiped it and made it a pdf file, saving the original web page. It's a little tricky but quickly becomes mindless knitting heaven.
Entrelac knitting, in a word, loveliness . Please visit:
I have thoroughly enjoyed learning to knit entrelac. I am using washable fibers, Wool Ease and Vanna's Choice by Lion's Brand Yarn because I was making it for someone who needs wash ability. If you do choose to try entrelac, the tutorial on the knitty otter blog is invaluable. Pay attention to her tips page, they make all the difference. Then copy the pattern for the different stages on index cards. You can use paper clips like my knitting sister Gretchen, The Giddy Knitter, does. You slide the paper clips as you go, keep your place in the pattern easily. This is important because there is LOTS O PARTS to the sequences in the different tiers.

My cardigan, MY DREAM CARDIGAN-holla!!! Can I say holla? I'm gonna try. This is a natural undyed charcoal alpaca dreamland. The fiber stays happy whilst knitting, low ply splitting factor. Remember Pancakeandlulu on etsy and go get some. Custom order these fibers because she doesn't always have them listed in her items for sale. I have 3 inches knitted on the raglan. This view is of the front back and sleeve, all the parts of the neckline are set up and knit top down. To make it even more magic, because it's The Magic Raglan pattern, easily can work this sweater seamlessly 'in the round'. I am choosing to work it back and forth good ol knit and purl. I have knit this sweater in the round many times. I mark center front usually with a single purl stitch. This creates a steek. You cut your sweater into a cardigan by doing the unthinkable.....cutting the sweater up the steek. You can see sort of this happening on the mason dixon website This is probably my favority knitting blog.

Anyways, I love how my sweater is turning out. I am actually getting so much done on it. I was on another blog I love, I believe it's She has some sweaters on there that she is working on for herself. I was like I wanna get in on that action.
I will post more pictures soon........

Let's end with my perfect baby boy. I love him. He's hungry. I will feed him now. In this photo he is dashing in his mini sized magic raglan sweater. This sweater had a steek knit in with that single center purl stitch. I cut this sweater up the front, picked up button bands and then added a zipper. Love in a sweater, and my little love in a sweater.

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