Friday, April 9, 2010

Baby Amigurumi For Bella Bonita...

I am not quite sure how I am finishing ANYTHING these days, but I did finish my sweet niece's dolly, Dolly Lama 2 (named by my darling brother, Ron) Dolly Lama 1 is already at their house and was blogged about a loooooooong time ago.

Dolly turned out really sweet and snuggly, 15 inches tall...Dolly Lama 1 is about 8 inches tall...

This pic of Dolly's heart is washed out because I persist in trying to use my iPhone camera for all my pictures. I do have an actual camera, BUT, there is a part of me that thinks that my iPhone can do it all ALL the time. This isn't the case. I did manage to get my real camera back from our sons...they are youtube film makers. HILARIOUS!
Here's the little lady...I think she looks like the old fisher price little people I use to play with. I wasn't trying to infringe on their brand, it just emerged :o)
Dolly is soy/wool for her head, hands, and feet/legs and an alpaca/acrylic blend for her body. She is stuffed with shredded organic cotton batting (a pain in the rear to make) I am buying a couple new fleeces for stuffing soon...until I get a different source for non-plastic fill for my toys. I dosed my jumbo pug amigurumi with lavender essential oil and I hope that keeps the moths away.
Here she is again, ready to be wrapped! I think she looks friendly and hug-able.
I loooooooove making amigurumi....I love making toys for people.
My amis get lots of smiles and I sort of miss the ones I've adopting out critters :o)
And alas here is my sweet niece Bella Bonita opening up her Dolly.
She loved it and my bro and sis in law were touched.
sort of anti-climatic, my bowl of organic cotton shreds.