Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ok, One MORE Knit Project. . .Before Baby Comes.......

Knitting on the beach yesterday with my Momma. I was 40 weeks pregnant and 3 I'm 4 days + 40 weeks.........We had a lot of fun besides my sore hips..... I am finally conquering the ginormous strap for my felted bag posted some time ago. I am doing a multi-colored horizonal striped band to make it a sash bag. I will add a flap and bottom to the bag before felting. I got two more colors done today when we went back to the lake for more swimming. I sat and knit.

Ok, so I have gotten so much more done than I thought I could before our new son arrives. Here is hopefully the LAST thing I'll make for him before he comes. I am starting a new pair of socks for him, so we'll see what happens........

I just finished these baby leg warmers for Ezra....see above photo :o) These were knit at the same time on a pair of 24 in circular needles. Size 3 nickel plated needles from Knit Picks (buy them, you'll love them!!!) I cast on 30 sts and worked k1p1 ribbing at the top and bottom. I increased 2 sts 3 or 4 times evenly as I knit the length of the leg warmer. The yarn is Wool Ease by Lion's Brand, 20% wool/80% acrylic....machine washable. Color "Violet".
These are not knit projects, but worthy of space on my knitting blog........handmade for sure!

Kevin and Ezra's quilt.......he had to hold it up for me because the picture wasn't turning out on the floor. The black and white below is the back of the quilt. I bought the fabric at IKEA. I think it was about $6 a yard. Great price for how nice the material is, the print is off the hook, too.
A changing pad I made out of the quilt fabric. It is actually even, not lopsided, but the camera was being persnickety. It has a backing of black fleece.

The little black round thing at the bottom of this picture IS MY PREGNANT BELLY, hahaaa......Ezra wanted to get in the shot!

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TheTwistedPurl said...

Love the blanket and the baby leg warmers. Too cute! Best of luck with your little one on the way.