Thursday, March 29, 2007

Applied To iStock Photo as photographer

Hello. . .
I submitted three photos today and an application to iStock photo to be one of their photographers. I also took a quiz, totally adult learning, but it was just points that they wanted you to remember as you submit photos. Here are the photos I submitted. I forgot to submit the Hawthorn News Shop, but we'll see. I may even reapply with different photos if they do not accept me now. I first heard of being able to do this (and get $$ from it) from my friend Heather. Then on Tuesday night my friend Rick mentioned that his son got accepted. So we'll see, maybe it will be good yarn money. Oh that reminds me, if accepted I will submit my picture earlier in my blog of Gretchen and my coffee cups and yarn. FUN! Ok here are the pictures, enjoy:

Saturday, March 24, 2007

1:16 a.m.

it's really time to go to bed, but. . .I love this time of night. This house is so incredibly noisy during the day. Given the sounds are really happy alive kids when they aren't bickering. . .but it's good noise, you know. I usually am cuddling with my pooch working on something late, or taking a bath, or watching a show. I love the quiet. It is addicting. I guess it's non fat and non alcoholic, so it must be ok. I cannnnnot for the life of me wake up without an alarm these days. If I know I have messed up and stayed up way past what is healthy for me, I try not to look at the clock as I go to bed. This way I cannot mentally feel tired, all the way, because I don't have any idea how I abused myself. So, here I sit. A little preoccupied with nothing. Over tired and I will go crawl into bed. I slept in my clothes last night, I think just because. Kevin likes the room so stinking cold I think I just forgot to get more comfortable. We are down to our last few pieces of wood. I think I will load what we have left tomorrow, so that I can have some fires this week. It's hard to draw, paint or even want to be in our bedroom suite the 'garage'. . .when it's so cold. Noises I hear at this moment. Pug's soft breath, a snore from down the hall, rain, the blue flower clock that I didn't know had a second hand. . .the hum inside my computer and the furnace coming on? There is actually a chorus of little noises all around me, all soft, but in a complex rhythm. I think I hear my mom's tv, no that is Eli snoring I think. Anyways. . .time for bed.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Kid Highlights. . .

Kid highlights. . .

"Sterling, why are your fingers in your nose?"

(a finger up each nostril) "...because I'm picking my nose""

"Mom, Pudges's face smells like a farm"

(Pudge our pug has a flat face with a nasal recess, well that gets funky smelling and his eyes weep a lot")

Sage kicks Eli in the mouth while they are hanging in hammocks they made under their loft bed, kicks his front tooth loose

Sterling removes the 'i' from my keyboard

Sterling decides he was too well behaved when he was 2 and revisits the busy annoying stage although he's turning 5 next month

Sterling rocks the bike with no training wheels

Sage completes devotional Discovering Jesus in Genesis with Daddy

Eli manages to procure an electric guitar from a neighbor boy, and it's now his appendage: touch it and die

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Athon Joshua Franklin is here

Darling Athon Joshua is here. Born Wednesday, March 14, 2007 @ 4:40 pm 8.2 lb 19.5 in. long

The proud parents and my sweet friends are Jay and Heather Franklin.

The birth was worshipful, and I was honored to assist as their doula.

Athon's Nectarine Blossom

Our trees were blossoming as Athon was born. . .this photo is one of three of a project I dedicate to the Franklins.

PROUD MOMMA!!! So sweet together! What could be more beautiful?

He totally digs me. And, i dig him! He's delicious!

Monday, March 19, 2007

The Love of a Pug Named Pudge

Enjoy this pic of Pudge and me. He is so awesome. Love this little guy.
I think I will snooze on the couch with him soon, even if only for 10 min

updated photos, sort of. . .

Here are some photos, in no particular order:
Torry and Kevin playing music in our "garage". . .creative space
Kev and I, almost 12 yrs married. . . I love him so much
Boys by pumpkins. . .Sage 9, Eli 7, and Sterling 4.......all their birthdays are coming up
Boys sitting on a huge map of Padilla Bay and the surrounding area. . .frigid, but so fun to get some oxygen. . .
That beach is very special to us, and it was fun to get back there.

Ok, let's see if these images finish uploading.

springtime is ours tomorrow.
Today I am having some anxiety, but breathing through it. Hillsong United helping me worship.. . . . kids are peaceful.
I'm gonna vent. . .a little random. . .

God is good. You are so good God. Statements of my faith. Running through my mind, falling from my lips. Praise.

-my beloved Frank births a unbelivably beautiful son and I got to assist her husband and family support her. her birth was worship. . .I am humbled.
-A friend's cousin dies horribly days after she births her baby son, extreme joy, un-measureable pain
-Life and death with God holding them both
-Releasing a sibling and spouse, they are splitting apart. I tried to help them hold it together.....but God removed me from the middle. Now loving sibling through it. Painful, given truth. The truth will hold up, always, but, there will be a choice to a certain extent to not believe the truth. Regardless I thank you for your truth God and pray for grace to turn to it, no matter how I feel.
-Last year I released long time friends that I was holding as an idol. It's been freeing and painful. I trust God with them
. . .open to whatever God asks me to do with them. I am commited to obey and serve Christ in this. It's been interesting waiting. God will work quicker with me out of the way. The love God is asking of me is one of extracting myself. This is painful, but He is holding it.
-This year, crosswater church plant.........where we're going and what God's revealing
-Testing God on his method of financial planning. I see the light, the off ramp is coming. Hallelujah!

Now to what matters the most:
Jesus you are all.

Feeling like I've had a lot of joy and challenges lately, forgetting deep pain and tragic events will balance it out: deepen character and make us more useful to Christ.......a little scary and sad, but I accept it.

We were talking to the boys about bringing friends to church last night. We told Eli that his friend Zach did not know Jesus and that he needs him. Immediately Eli was panicked and insisted that we needed to tell him about Jesus. He was so adamant that I knew that what we have been living before Eli has affected him. Joy. So innocent. We could have told Eli at that moment that not everyone wants our Lord, but we just enjoyed him instead. He'll find out as he grows up. I don't want him to loose this childlikeness to his faith.

I know that you're alive
You came to fix my broken life
I sing to glorify
Your holy name, Jesus Christ.

You changed it all
Broke down the wall
When I spoke and confessed
in you I am blessed
Now I walk in the light, victorious sight of You.

I'll never be the same.

falling on my knees in worship
giving all i am to seek your face
lord all i am is yours

my whole life i place in your hands
god of mercy humble i bow down
in your presence at your throne

i called you answered
and you came to my rescue
and i want to be where you are

my whole life i place in your hands
god of mercy humbled i bow down
in your presence at your throne

i called you answered
and you came to my rescue
and i want to be where you are

my life
be lifted high
and our world
be lifted high
and our love
be lifted high

i called you answered
and you came to my rescue
and i want to be where you are