Thursday, March 29, 2007

Applied To iStock Photo as photographer

Hello. . .
I submitted three photos today and an application to iStock photo to be one of their photographers. I also took a quiz, totally adult learning, but it was just points that they wanted you to remember as you submit photos. Here are the photos I submitted. I forgot to submit the Hawthorn News Shop, but we'll see. I may even reapply with different photos if they do not accept me now. I first heard of being able to do this (and get $$ from it) from my friend Heather. Then on Tuesday night my friend Rick mentioned that his son got accepted. So we'll see, maybe it will be good yarn money. Oh that reminds me, if accepted I will submit my picture earlier in my blog of Gretchen and my coffee cups and yarn. FUN! Ok here are the pictures, enjoy:

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