Friday, August 14, 2009

My First Custom Order:: My Etsy Shop

Well here it is, my very first knit.shan.knit Etsy order for my friend, Fancy. I used bright yellow tissue and yarn. I think yellow and recycled brown paper will be my store's packaging.
I have tags that I can write the personal details on, picture below. My logo turned out great and translated crisp even on an itty bitty tag.
I totally got blessed today by the manufacturer of the rubber I use on the soles of my baby shoes. Their minimum order is $150 for the natural rubber sheeting. The rep I was talking to today totally shocked me when she said she would send me a few yards free as samples. I had already had their small samples sent to I will have PLENTY of materials for zillions of shoes. She wanted to see pictures of what I use their product for. I sent her to my etsy shop and she said she'd be back for baby shoes!!! What a cool lady to just make a way for me to have their product and then giving it to me for free.

This is one of my favorite yarns. Lamb's Pride worsted in yellow. I love this ball of yarn.

Along with Puggie I also made my big boy (just turned 12!) this amigurumi. He named him Mr. Happy. My son came up with the design for this little guy. He feels great and was fun to make. The picture below is our amigurumi family minus Mr. Happy. He wansn't completed when I took the 'family' picture.

So, left to right we have Sagelei's 'Wasabi', 'Puggie'-Li-Jo's Pug, 'Junior'-Shiny's bear and 'Monkee'-Baby Ya Ya's wittle monkey amigurumi.
Li-Jo and Puggie...

Big Boy and his Mr. Happy the rotund monkey amigurumi.

Ok, there's hope, two blog posts this week.

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