Thursday, August 13, 2009

Holy Moly, I have neglected my blog, but not the kids or stitches....

Introducing my Pug Amigurumi....His color is a little muted here. He was Eli's bday present and is very loved.

So, here I am posting to my blog, who would have thunk'd it.

Here's a couple pictures because I am up way too late tonight but the insomnia is helping fuel this post.

Below is my 'studio' most days while I'm trying to make time to clean an work in my actual studio...
Here is Sage's Monkee....he put in a special order for this little guy. I think Monkee turned out great.
Planning a sweater, I think for my friends Zech and Bethany's baby::to be born sweet!!! This isn't all the colors that the sweater will have, but it's a good start!
More Puggie, kicking it on the couch!!!!

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Amber Rose said...

I know this is silly..but I'm sooo digging that sofa!