Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl Live Blog:Knit Along...

6:59 See you all later, this live blog is concluded for now.......................big hugs..........

6:37 Baby Ya Ya is still on my lap and I am trying to knit. He's zonked. I am on Facebook
right now too. Add me: Shannon Stainer mention the blog and I'll add you to my
knitting group on there.

6:29 Superbowl preempted by boys wanting to play Halo. Hub and Saugelei going to youth
youth group. Thanks to all who stopped by on the live blog. Hat unfinished, but I'll
continue going this evening. Email or Facebook me if you finished anything.
God bless.

6:27 Getting tired. Brain softening,
Missing my usual Superbowl nap.
hahaaa, hulu commercial is icky and hilarious.

6:20 Score the same, baby ya-ya asleep on my lap.
I'm thinking about a recap post for last night's Sit and Knit.
My sweet Mommy is making dinner while I blog and hold the sleeping ya ya....

6:11 Heinken is yucky.

6:05 Pittsburg is up by 13............

6:03 reboot and we're back commercial haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

5:53pm even live blogs must pause when the live blogger is a mom of 4. Hubby and Sau-ge-lei have to go youth group. Itty bitty baby wants to wack my keyboard
with his teething tablet bottle.
He is not goiNG To put up with live blogg\ing]] much longer. He's adding to this post with his \wee little handS.........]p
Babies and keyboard.s
The score is unchanged.

5:44 pm Here's my Superbowl project. I am trying to finish it. We'll see.
Omgoodness, the Office commercial. hahaa......
Here's some of my men watching the game. Li-Jo is feeling better about watching the game. Shiny is playing legos in the background.
The Budweiser Scottish commercial was dumb. Sheesh. Someone got paid for that? Hmm....

Bridgestone commecial was wicked awesome. Cyprus Hill: Get up, Get up, Get Down!!!!!!
Denny's commercial, haaaaaaaa Free Breakfast this Tuesday. Moose butt. hahaaaa..........

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