Sunday, February 1, 2009

Knit Shan Knit Live Blog Knit Along...Superbowl Knittttting......

5:26 also, buffalo chicken strips (by Tyson, yucky) the honey bbq ones are to die for.
Li-Jo and Shiny had regular chicken nuggets. I am fighting disappointment over not
refrigerating the chili ARRRRRRRRRGH. I hope I can recover and make dinner tonight.
Oh, I'm gonna knit now. Li Jo cannot handle how long it's taking for us to watch the
Superbowl....he's really disappointed.

5:24 Menu today: Forgot to refrigerate chili last night after Sit and Knit, so no chili today HOORAY!!!!!!! Renee's trail mix, green grapes, and a Mighty Arrow New Belgium. Good combo.

5:19 The cool thing is the musicians in the Boss' band have been doing their thing for most of their lives, they are good at what they do.....they couldn't look happier. I love Rock and Roll.
More fun commercials.
Priceline commercial: hahaaaaa..................."The language of the deal"
Overstock, AWESOME!!!!! Great message.

5:14 Li-Jo and I are eating the "trail mix" Jule's Renee made for the Sit and Knit. It's fantastic. The only way to improve it is make it peanut butter and powder sugar covered chex mix. That would taste good on the gummy fish. It has Lucky Charms, Ju Ju fish, cransins, mixed nuts, Grandma's Iced Cookies, and M & M's. Bruce is still at it. Oh, they are singing in the mic just like when they did it back in the day. Oh man that guy Steve was rockin'.

5:11: Bruce told us to put down our guacamole and chicken fingers. Is he prejudice against avocados and poultry. We need to do our part for the economy.
Kevin said Bruce slid into the camera. He's giving that telecaster guitar a work out.
Go old guy!!!

5:04 Half time
Nextel Commercial cute, Sobe commercial cute, too...

5:00 Meet Chihuahua. Another Amigurumi I finished this week. This fine orange fur ball will go to my niece Lizbeth. Much coveted at the Sit and Knit, in hindsight was Chihuahua (pronounced Chee-huah-huah all annunciated) in danger of being stolen??? Probably.......
I need to watch those knitters more closely next time.........I let my guard down. LOL

4:55 almost half time, and TOUCH DOWN....Kevin is sleeping, so I guess he won't mind that Pittsburg is winning.

4:49 Welcome Peru, 43 countries now on my ticker. Thanks for stopping by.
I can't wait for Greenland to stop by.

4:48 I just had a chicken nugget. Mmmm, sort of.
The Cheetos commercial was a little creepy.

4:45 I have really bad hiccups and Ezra is clingy. No sitiches made.
I bet Julie is getting some crochet done.
4:42, and E*Trade best commercials so far. Love those babies
Teleflora, inappropriate.

4:37 Kevin just said "Oh no" to something. I am not sure why he is disheveled. I asked him and he said, "The guy dropped the ball."
4:34 Did you know you can knit two things at the same time? I am knitting two spitty bibs, you can learn to knit two socks at a time on the one set of double points. Here's the link if you would like to learn this method. Click Here

4:32 Are you knitting with me, you can leave a comment or send an email:

4:31 would like to get my knitting under way. now that blog is going..........

4:30 AZ got some points now. Totally fun.
Sage is rooting for AZ

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