Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sit and Knit:January

Hello All,
January Sit and Knit is almost here. It's this Saturday, January 31st at 4pm. Pre-knitters please come at 4pm with size 10 needles and a bulkier yarn. Or, whatever supplies you have around the house. We'll make it work. The Sit and Knit goes from 4-10pm. We might hang out longer if we nightowls are up for it.

We are meeting at my house this time. Please rsvp and I will send you directions.

Bring: food to share (would you like to bring a main dish so we can eat something substantial and not just chocolate?)
Needles, yarn, projects. Size 10 needles and bulky yarn for beginners.
A big pillow or folding chair. I think there will be quite a few of us this time. We'll be happy together.

***Charity Knitting Opps*** I will be discussing some altruistic (thanks Gretchen for the adjective) knitting opportunities for us to ponder. If you can't wait till Saturday, please email me and I'll send you the three opportunities I have.

Sit and Knit is a time to do exactly that. We are all so busy in our day to day lives. Let's make time, yes make time, to sit, talk, and work on something with our hands. Proverbs 31 in the bible talks about a virtuous woman who was very crafty indeed. She worked with fiber and fabric, a resourceful and steady woman. If you are a hand crafter like me it's fun to read the industrious woman's description. Check it out.

I look forward to sharing stitches with you. Being in the present and just hanging out.


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