Thursday, March 20, 2008

Knitting Tattoos. . .

Two of my favorite things meet up in these photos. . .hopefully in the next year I will get my own knitting tattoo. I have a design planned for my right half sleeve piece. I love the cartoon character in the middle of this first collage.

I will knit for tattoos.
I probably will have to. What a delight.

Some Finished Stuff....

Ezra's cardigan, finished and beautiful. I had to trim out the zipper bands with flannel, it turned out ok. . .I think that I will be the only one to see the imperfections. With his beautiful face, I don't think I will even be able to see where I flubbed on the zipper band.
These are sweet little baby boots I knit awhile back. I am posting a new picture of them because I am almost positive that they'll fit our new baby.
Frog Tree Alpaca was DELIGHTFUL to knit into these itty bitty sockies.
These little orange cotton booties were made by Ezra's Grandma Bev.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Need A New Pattern? Wanna Knit 2 Socks on Two Circulars At The Same Time?

Check out for lots of things knitting, click on the name to go straight to their patterns page.
I was looking for an article on knitting two socks simultaneously on two circular needles. I found two sites (in a few seconds) I am linking to both in this post, just in case you're wanting to learn this AND you're on the library's waiting list for the cool book that's out on this method.

Here ya go:
Knitty's two sock/two circular pattern, cool pictures --->click here
Another site, bare bones technique that I'm using with my generic
sock pattern --->click here

After dinner tonight I am casting on a set of baby socks for Ezra. Black alpaca from
Frog Tree. It's super buttery. I will post photos soon of the progress I make.


Note: (after trying said 2 sock/circular method) It is tricky to get started. I had to stop by and see Teresa @ Country Yarns to have her help me. I had it casted on correctly, but then started knitting with the wrong needle. I would knit one of my needles completely out of the whole set up. It didn't help that I was working on it after midnight. Soon I will be painting my house that late at night because I'm 30+ wks preg. Anyways, if you do try this method, don't start until you're well rested. Give the project it's own zip bag or basket so you can set it down without loosing your sanity picking it back up. Once you get going, it doesn't feel like juggling jello, not unlike learning to knit with double point needles. From someone who has knit some socks, I feel like this is quicker than knitting on double points.

I do need to start another pair of infant socks to work out picking up the heel gussets. I have to do some research, but I think this has to be done in a different order than when you do it on double points (dp). I got the heel flap knitted and then derailed quite significantly, had to transfer one sock to some dp's for a bit, pick up gussets and then get everything organized on the circulars again. It was a little nuts, but, surprisingly I think that I got it done. I like a sock that is ribbed on the top and the foot, so decreasing the gussets makes this a little interesting.

Tonight I will cast on another pair of newborn socks, see how I need to do those gussets and report back.

By the way, I am using two sets of KnitPicks 24 inch circulars, size 3. I am happy and sad to say that I will not be buying Addi Turbo nickel plated circulars any longer. Addi cannot touch the price of the KnitPicks needles. The KnitPicks nickel plated and harmony wood needles that I also bought have an AMAZING point, sharper and long. This makes knitting easier. They are are half the price of Addi, if not cheaper. The cable/cord is fushia, so it's new and fancy, fun and colorful. The harmony needles are a treat, beautiful and I am hoping to buy the whole interchangeable set that they sell. My new friend Renee from the Knit Out @ Country Yarns let my mom and I try her interchangeable harmony wood needles and they are a dream. The transistion from cable to needle is smooth...... check it out. Take time to order some needles from them, be patient while they ship them to you, and then thank me because you're so happy with them (teehee)
The Dream Swatch Pattern

I thought I had lost it, email me if you would like a copy........
I cannot find this on the web any more....the site is no longer.
From what I understand this may be a little introduction to lace knitting? Feels lacey to me

I posted a picture of my Dream Swatch in progress. I am knitting it out of hand dyed cotton fingering weight yarn that I bought at Hilltop Yarn on Queen Anne. This pattern is PERFECT for that small amount of expensive yarn that you could only buy one itty bitty hank of.

Enjoy knitting this elegant item. . .

Sunday, March 2, 2008

It is March 2008. . .WOW!!!!!


It's been 10 months since I posted last. We've been busy and I've not been knitblogging like I should. I have been knitting like a madwoman though.

We launched out with a 'church plant' from our home church Cascade Community Church. Crosswater Community Church started up this summer in Sultan, WA. You can listen to podcasts of our sermons on iTunes.

We are expecting our 4th son in August.....we're due May 14th!!! He's growing like crazy and in about 10 weeks I will be able to adorn him with all his knit goodies. I may post pictures here of his layette, but he has his own blog: I am sewing a quilt and other things for him. His knit items will be here on this blog for sure.

So I put my needles to where my last blog was. I finished some stuff. I am still not stoked on finishing projects, but it does justify being able to start new projects and buy new I persevere in 'finishing' what I start. I have finished a bunch of projects because I am 7+ months pregnant and I'm knitting for our baby. I try to knit in the evenings, no late night cleaning for this woman this pregnancy. Felted Mary Janes, I renamed this pair of keen inspired baby shoes 'Mary Anns' after my grandma Mary Ann. I needed to felt the shoes a bit more, but I got impatient. They turned out really cute and I think they will fit well. I made these for my niece Isabella due March 13th....she'll be here soon, hallelujah! I included in the picture the packaging and gift card.....

Isabella Sophia's baby kimono, I love, love, love the baby kimono from The Mason Dixon Knitting Companion

I used brown wool my good friend Chris bought for me in Ireland. You cannot see the lovely variagated-ness of this brown wool. I added orange panels in the back section because I was winging the gauge. I am really glad I added them because it adds an amazing color work and actually works like a gusset.

See the little black snaps. I used a cool snap tool called The SnapSetter. The snaps were a little tight, but after sewing in numerous snaps by hand with mediocre results. I am really glad I bought the SnapSetter. It was under $15 at Pacific Fabrics for the start up kit and an extra pack of really cool black flat snaps.
Adorable little boot booties for my friend's baby's.....made from chunky wool, gorgeous espresso brown color. I am going to try to find some sort of slipper grip stuff for the bottom that is clear or ??? Email me if you have any suggestions.
Here are some newborn baby socks I made from a generic sock pattern. You can make it for any size foot. It takes a bit of time to make sure the sock is shaped correctly. I wrote down the pattern for this sock. I will post it someday, maybe next fall.......or sooner......... my new friend Teresa, the owner of Country Yarns in Snohomish folded one of the socks down. I think it looks cute that way.
A Nifty Knitter hat in wool easy chunky yarn. My oldest son Sage made this for his new brother due in May. He made an adult hat from the same yarn for his Daddy.
Ezra Aaron's newborn hat made from Darkhorse yarn. It's acrylic but very soft. I like natural fibers. . .animal or plant fiber.
Ezra's baby cardigan. I finished the button bands and cut the sweater up the front through the purl stitch I installed. I learned this technique from the Philosopher's Wool Company Fair Isle knitting video. (The DVD is The Original Two Handed Fair Isle and Other Stories)
I learned two handed knitting from this tape, too. I use the two handed knitting technique when knitting stripes, every time. This allows me to weave/knit in the new color and weave/knit out the old color. It's fun because it looks impressive/difficult. Once you learn to two hand knit, it's as easy as breathing. It's handy because you don't have to do any finish work where you changed colors. You just clip the end an inch long and then the magic of wool fiber occurs. The fibers become fabric as they marry. (Sounds so jolly) Click on the word Philosopher's Wool above and check it out for yourself.

So Ezra's button bands were pretty solid, but the right hand side started to come loose even after I went over it with a sewing machine stitch. I will post a picture of it when I have completed a fabric trip I am using to cover the imperfect button band join.

I cannot wait to see our little guy in this cardigan. So cute.

One other part of Ezra's layette is his basket weave afghan I am knitting for him. 96 stitches on size 15 circulars. I am almost half way done after last night's Knit Out at Country Yarns in Snohomish. This was the only project I worked on all night. I am hoping to finish this blanket before knitting on something else, but I don't know if I have that sort of will power.

So, I guess that's all for now. I will post again, before 10 months go by. I will be non existent after Ezra is born, basking in baby love. Oh I cannot wait!!!

Thanks for stopping by!