Friday, April 13, 2007

Thoughts, Prayers

ACTS MONTAGE by Shannon Stainer


Water soluable crayon, Water soluable graphite, art marker on pressed paper in 3 sections

Dedicated to and created during the services at Cascade Community Church

Help me Lord to leave my home to church plant "What? Me a church planter?" "lol"

Leave my closest friends

My heart ache came back today

as I prepare

A quiet place, my enormous church home

A safe place

the arms of my friends protected me

I breathed

caught my breath here

you put me back together in this intensive care unit

how do I leave

except to obey, and to say thank you with my life

how will I leave Frank, God?

through a curtain of tears

the arms of love you are bringing to my city

they love me too

if they were not here too, I would not be able to go

I praise YOU because you have HANDPICKED this expression of You

this church plant

this daughter

externally focused

PEOPLE GET READY, crosswater is coming

we will love you to Jesus.


Be loved

Be honored

accept my bravery and service

thank you for holding each and everything I commmit to You

YOU are to be trusted

Thank you for art, music, my family, my church, the Spring, Kevin, and that I can be in today. No where else. I don't have to hold onto my plans. I can be still and content.

Thank you for healing and using me.

You take and make me useful, effective.

Help me strive for excellence and care for my family well in the process.

You've supported me so well over the years.

I am yours.

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