Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Just Getting Started. Here I Am.

It's late at night, and although I bought two new skeins of yarn this evening. I cannnnnot use it until tomorrow. Actually, this coming Monday is when I will knit daily. I have a bridal shower for a dear friend I am hosting this Sunday. After I complete the task and thoroughly enjoy her day. . .it's knitting after dinner nightly.

I currently am working on a Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono, a tomkin jacket (E. Zimmerman), socks, a basketweave scarf for my beloved worked in uneven rows (turning out sweet), a monkey, a chihuahua, and soon a yellow and brown animal for my 4 yr old.

I love Lamb's Pride and anything Alpaca. I have a friend who brings me yarn from her travels. I am currently starting the tomkin jacket in yarn from Germany and Ireland. I will post a picture of it after it's done.

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