Thursday, December 7, 2006

homeschool. . .

We are homeschoolers. Sage learned to knit this year. I cannot wait until he really applies himself to the art. . .I am competing with pokemon cards and xbox. I am hoping he will join me on my after dinner stitch making.

I love to teach our boys. Right now we are in 4th, 2nd and preschool. There is another child in the picture, Dawson, who is also 4. I am teaching him to write his name and letters. We just got lots of new art supplies and it's been fun cleaning up all the creativity up in the afternoon. This year we have colored snowflakes. Maybe we will welcome back some snow.

Pug is snoring, Hub is not far behind. Time to go drift away, tomorrow is last cleaning day before the Sunday shower. I shop tomorrow for the yummies and then bake all day Saturday. I cannot wait. Then there is Monday. I knit then.

p.s. I read in my devotional bible ways to love on your kids, a couple ways: kiss the palm of their hand and then close their fingers around it so they can save it for later..............give them a new nickname that accentuates a new character trait they are exhibiting...............cut down on correcting them so much...........write a child a love note, crumble it up and then put it in their shoe.

bless you friend reading this.

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Sheree said...

Hello there!

I found you. Happy New Year, it was great seeing you today.

Love, Sheree