Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Giraffe and a Lakenvelder...

Introducing my newest giraffe amigurumi...Clarence.
I designed him for my good friend's who are
having their sweet baby son ANY time now.
I will be selling the pattern to this as well as my other amigurumi creations.

-My- heart is in every ami...handsewn on.
Just found out a mini monkey ami I made has been a nightly rut for friend's sweet 2 yr old. Said monkey also needs a heart replacement because their little E rubbed the heart off by caressing it each night to put himself to sleep. Awwwwwe!!!

Honestly, photo taking this time was rushed. I probably could use a new camera. I will probably hold off and buy an iPhone 4 when their price drops. For now I found and LOVE LOVE LOVE Instagram... it's an iPhone app that will make me procrastinate buying a real camera, probably forever.

More spots on the tush. By the way, toy giraffes are only mostly like a real life giraffe...sort of like apple or watermelon jolly ranchers. It's our interpretation of the animal or the fruit. Circle spots are widely used on toy giraffes, but their spots are not so circular. Also, their head was a little challenging with their horn thinga-ma-jigs.
I did not install a tuft at the top of the thinga-ma-jigs...my only regret.

A good shot of Clarence and his 20 inch height.

Clarence's tags...

Almost simultaneously, I finished this little gem.
A Lakenvelder chicken mama amigurumi.
I designed this chicken mama to go with a present
of baby chick amigurumi in March. (pictured below)

-This- is a Lakenvelder chicken. My beloved friends have 27 of these beauties.

Alpaca crochet circles on top and bottom of a wool/wool-silk blend ball.
I tried to get an irregularity in the top crochet circle. I was mostly successful.

Here's chicken mama...big heart, ready to take care of AT & Baby C's chicks.

Six baby chicks...the one in the bottom of the picture is the baby lakenvelder.

My new business cards till I can place a moo card order. I can't wait for my cards.
I started an order late one night. It was a lot of work trying to pick out what photos I want for the front side. I've been asked for my business card more lately...
so I just need something in my wallet for now.

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Anonymous said...

I love the giraffe!!!! :) I think that needs to be for the next baby..... He is so wondeful and unique, and I love his spots and mane!!! :)