Monday, May 16, 2011

Overdue Baby, Over Due Present... WORTH IT!!!

My good friend's little baby came and her knitter friend (me) was backlogged by amazing Christmas custom orders. A happy and hard place to be. I wanted to make her something no matter how long it took.

I am a little granny on the inside...
I WANT WANT WANT to make presents for all the little babies
in the whole world.
At this stage of life tho: sort of impossible.

I know some people think I might not love their baby...but I do :)

This baby hat is a variation on a lot of baby hats I make. I don't know what it is about baby hats. But baby hats and amigurumi dolls are so fun to make. Probably because I can finish quickly with a big 'ol splash. I asked my friend if I could use some non-traditional baby colors for her baby. I think I was going to make it brown/fushia/orange, but was basically done when I remembered. I think the grey sets off the bright colors well.

The 6 point star decrease is becoming one of my trademarks. I did a little experiment with stripes in the decrease this time. It worked out JUST GREAT!!!

A little close up of the colors and stitches...all the yarn is Stitch Nation by Red Heart and a Stitch and Bitch Nation product. The grey is Alpaca Love and the fushia and orange are Full O' Sheep. Pattern may be available from me soon soon.
I am writing patterns for three amigurumi at the moment :)

Here is the top down baby cardigan I finished for my delicious nephew. He was a few days late and seriously, I can't believe I finished this for him. My sister loves celtic things, so I added the cute little pewter buttons. The yarn is Bernat Alpaca Blend in 'tundra' and 'ebony'

A close up of the killer buttons.

Overdue babies AND gifts...
...worth the wait!!!


iknit2purl2 said...

Cute! Cute! Cute!

fal00la said...

Gorgeous, Gorgeous gifts! You're an amazing knitter, Shan.