Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Amigurumi Family

Here is my little amigurumi family I have been working on since Christmas. Learning to make these little dolls has been such a fun experiment......and a totally new hobby for me, for sure....

From left to right we have Mousy, Junior, Egg Cozy, Penguin and Chloe the Chihuahua. Mousy, Chloe, Egg Cozy and Penguin all live at my friend Stef's house with their family. Junior, the large bear amigurumi lives here with my 3rd oldest son, Shiny.

You can find all sorts of patterns for amigurumi by google'ing or looking on ravelry.com. You do need to know how to crochet. It was hard to find amigurumi with knitted instructions.

BTW: Amigurumi are japanese crochet dolls.

I hope you're having a great sunny, spring day like we're having here in Washington State.



Jen said...

cute, shannon!
i made a little birdy recently...and started an octopus.

Anastasia said...

Awww, My fav is the bear! Sheesh! He just looks like he's wanting some little guy to slobber on 'em! So what up with no Sit n Knit?! Arrrrhhh What r we gonna do?