Thursday, May 10, 2007

Quiet Time of Night

The Stainer family on a journey together.

The bridge was washed out from the November flooding. We had a great time taking a different loop around the area. We had to climb over fallen tress and hike through snow. This was a much needed outing.

10 May 2007 1:12 a.m.
(I know Emma. . .what am I doing up? ? ? I had a lot of fun with you today in the sunshine)
(yes, I am sunburned, yeeeouch!)

This use to be my favorite time of night. I could hear everyone snoring or breathing, sleeping soundly. Right now Kevin is snoring gently and I hear Pudge, our pug, snoring too. . . I am trying to get to bed early and get up earlier. . .but, not tonight. . .

I took a bath a bit ago, and that's the best place to hear everyone snoring or breathing in unison. After midnight. Unless someone is sick, it's a sure thing that it will be quiet. The house is still and I can vegetate.

I wanted to post some pictures tonight to my blog. A couple from our hike to the ice caves and a few from our day out with our churchie friends to Seattle. I still haven't taken pictures of anything I've knitted, so I'm lame. I have currently finished a divine knit hat for me, a baby afgan, and the premie boot booties that I finished awhile ago. I did block them, so I hope to have a picture of a wee infant wearing them soon.

Before I add the pictures I will say I was reading in John 3 today. I love Jesus. I love how he talks to the people. He was so patient and tried hard to communicate mysteries to those around him, and now to us through the bible.
I love God and HIS reality.
I love the bible and how, no matter what I am thinking about or going through the Holy Spirit makes sure I get the wisdom I need from scripture. That's why the bible is described as alive! I also appreciate when I haven't read the bible in awhile that God brings me to a passage that speaks to me, exactly where I'm at.

The next three weeks we will be playing music at our Mother church Cascade Community Church. We will be leading them as the Crosswater Community Church worship team. I'm really excited. I'm not excited about the goodbyes starting up again.....but we'll all get through this together. I'm going to just listen to folks and be with them.

Also, this weekend is our 12th Wedding anniversary. I will post some pics later of our day. We will be doing music for three services at church. . . . . .then we will get away and have some fun. It's also Mother's Day so. . .we'll make some phone calls. We are blessing my Mom with our boys for the day. I think they are the perfect Mother's Day gift!

Have a great day, it's early morning now.

Some pics for you!
All my big strong men. We look like we are out for quite the adventure. Sterling's pants got left home, so we pulled his socks up to his thighs! He did just fine. The hike was a hoot!

Rick's stubborn head (he does not like photos. . .)
Brandon contemplative, Torry, Kwevin from Heaven, and meeee. I took this picture on a timer, unannounced...... Oh, and we had ice water at Pike Place Brewery with our lunch. Not again! ha

Debbie, oh Debbie is so gorgeous. This is my beloved Frank's Momma. Isn't she divine? I have a fun look on my face because I was having fun taking random pictures with my camera. We were climbing the Harbor Steps and not going to Japanese food at my favorite restaurant
. . .because Kevin can be mean sometimes.

Torry and Renee's backsides and some terrific stairs! Just look at them!!!

Frank, Athon, and the Seattle Sculpture Park. This was a fun day. Funny thing, it's called the Fun Day Away. I am so proud of my new Momma sister friend Frank, and new Daddy brother friend Jay. Athon is one of the best babies ever born. There are only a few that come out as good as him. He's contemplative and makes the best sounds. I really am fond of the little guy. I can't wait to see him this weekend. I am going to give him a kwis!
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Knit progress pics coming soon! Stay tuned! ! !

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