Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cats On Parade, At Last!!!

Here are the infamous Maneki Neko Cats I finished Tuesday night. Oh holy moly this was a big order BUT they are done and I am celebrating a job well done.

These very lucky cats were ordered by my friend M.G. last month. I broadcast on my Facebook business page that I had room for two custom orders before Christmas. M.G. did not waste any time booking those two spots plus one. She asked me if I had heard of Maneki Neko cats. I had not, so I looked up some images. I pulled 8 images that I liked. I made some sketches and M.G. purchased a custom order listing through my etsy shop.

The listing and sale can be viewed by clicking here...
M.G.'s Maneki Neko listing and sale

The two cat's images that she picked were quite spherical, which is a good thing for designing an amigurumi pattern. It took me a month + 1 day to complete the design & pattern for my Lucky Cats. This includes crocheting all the parts and construction. I also have most of one more doll's parts made. I am relatively quick knitter and crocheter, but I have 4 busy sons that I homeschool. My boys are 13, 11, 8 and 2.5 yrs old. I don't have much continuous time to work...but I will have more time in the future. I didn't even give M.G. a deadline for when her dolls would be done because my life is nuts right now. So a month and a day is pretty good for accomplishing these little beauties...especially when I do most of my work here at home.

So here are my Cats On Parade... enjoy. I will be creating a listing for the 4th doll and making a pattern by chance in the future. Please let me know how you like these :o)

All my amigurumi have heart...these gals have theirs hiding under their medallions.

Two of the little can see their facial details are embroidery. I had to learn to back stitch in a hurry. Hurry is not a word I like to mix with crafting, EVER!!!

I am learning to carve outs time during my day to knit or crochet. I am going to be sewing some clothes soon, which stops life around here.
I won't be able to clean or think about anything else.

The lucky cats are doing a super hero thingy with their super cool upright hands.


My baby talking to the cats and trying not to touch them.
He really did well...and did touch them.

Lucky medallion...hopefully I didn't mess up the Japanese lettering...

A little packing shot. I am still loving my yellow yarn, most passionately.

We've got tags and we're complete !!!!!

Three sweet cats with their tags. I cannot wait for these little gals
to get to their new home and get out of the box.

Thx M.G. for the special custom order.
These guys were so theraputic for me to complete.
Stay tuned for the 4th doll to be on sale in my shop.

I cannot keep my eyes open any longer...will check for typos tomorrow.

p.s. Update 11/29 via MG via knit shan knit on Facebook
'The Cats have landed' plenty of time before Christmas where they will
be given as gifts... What a fun thing to be a present...