Tuesday, January 2, 2007

2007 wowowow

Hello ya'll,

Can you believe it is January? I am very happy to be in the New Year. Looking forward to spring and not having to bundle up so much....but if I hurry that part of the year up, then the part where I am stiffled by heat in summer will be here sooner. So, I will build a fire and put another layer on. Enjoy today.

So, I am up paying a couple bills. Need to actually build my fire (fingers cannot type that well)

Knitting, not much lately. For Christmas I was able to use my Target Giftcard to buy a thingy for all my knitting thingies. There is a much more expensive knitting bag I would like at Yarn and Tea, a exquisite red knitting bag/purse, but, one cannot or this one cannot spend $100 on it. This woman will find a way to live without it until it's a lot less expensive lol. My mom might be making me a velour one. So I can be patient.

I have Baby Frank's items well underway. I am going to run out of time on some of the stuff. But I will make it big so he can grow into it. Baby Frank is my good friend Heather's baby's nickname en utero. I cannot wait to meet this little one and LONG to see his little face. And see my friends as they turn into Mommy and Daddy.

I will not list the items I am working on for Baby Frank because someone who is pregnant with Baby Frank will read this and not be surprised.

I will end with this for now. I went and got my Christmas present on Friday the 29th. I got a beautiful sparrow tattoo with stars on the outside of my bicep. My tattoo artist Matt Arriola was fantastic. Perfect line work, nice guy, and efficient. He took just as long as it should have. I will be going back to Matt asap to get the rest of my half sleeve done. I will need a few hundred bucks each time, so it won't be tomorrow. Anyways, I need to enjoy this beautiful bird on my arm. I feel very fancy and happy. Kevin is very, very good to me. I will post a picture of it soon. As soon as it heals and I am all unscabby. :o)